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                ◆  Established the company in 1992.

                ◆ Set up the branch office in HK in 1993

                ◆  Introduced 30-PIN module baseplate in 1994

                ◆ Introduced 72/168-PIN module baseplate in 1995

                ◆ Invested USD 2.5million to contruct PCB  plant in Shenzhen China in 1996

                ◆  Passed UL, BP MLL, ID:EI86014 certification, and introduced  SO DIMM circuit board in 1997

                ◆  Set up branch office in Califonia, USA in 1998

                ◆ passed the ISO 9002 certification, the ODC certification( do not contain chemical substance to violate ozone layer). Introduced  Rambus, Rimm, and CIMM circuit board in 1999

                ◆ Introduced DDR module circuit board in 2000.

                ◆ Passed ISO 9001 2000 certification in 2002

                ◆ Set up rigid &flexible PCB Division in 2004

                ◆ Invested to contruct Qingyuan Plant in 2005

                ◆ The Qingyuan Plant first stage start production in 2006

                ◆ The Qingyuan plant second stage start production in 2007

                ◆ All production lines transferred to Qingyuan plant, and start production in 2008

                ◆  Passed UL certification in 2009

                ◆ NCPCB mass production in 2010

                ◆ OHSAS-18001認證 Passed ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001 certification in 2011


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